Today we launched, the company website for AIM House, LLC. AIM House is a young adult residential treatment center that’s been operating in Boulder, Colorado for over 20 years. They specialize in individualized, young adult transitional programs, and have several other therapeutically oriented subsidiaries including Boulder Integrated Health, the Danny Conroy IP, and more.

AIM House had a website redesign done in 2013, but they were still behind the curve in delivering authentic, authoritative information via the web. AIM House identified this digital gap, as virtually all of their clientele would visit their website before deciding to pack their bags and move to the AIM House residence for treatment. They came to us for a new website and to consider SEO options, and we happily took them on.

Through the AIM House digital strategy project, we’ve produced some of our highest production value work yet. The residential treatment center market has high magnitude CPA and LTV numbers, so speaking to the individual is critical. We decided that we couldn’t afford to pull any punches with website design or content, because every aspect of the customer lifecycle at AIM House is so important. Basically, participants come to AIM House for high quality residential treatment, and the website needed to reflect that through and through. Not only that, but the website needed to be done with SEO, parents, participants, and regulatory bodies in mind so that nobody got left behind when searching for or visiting the site.

In order to speak directly to AIM House’s markets, we emphasized video. We produced aerial landing page video of AIM’s facilities and the surrounding area (Boulder, CO). Then, we unleashed the storehouse of underutilized video content that AIM House already had produced, placing video in informational pages in order to show instead of tell. has showstopper after showstopper of video content. From the moment you hit the website, all the way through the information that we deemed was most critical, AIM House shows up with real, genuine, high quality video content. We think this is going to increase physical and virtual traffic at AIM House significantly. Look out for a future blog to see the results.

When it came to the actual design of the website, we noticed that there was a lot of information to display, and it was very easy to disorient the user with a torrent of options and words. We wanted to funnel the user through the website seamlessly, making sure that everyone could find what they wanted quickly, or at least know where to go next. We focused on common sense sitemap design, uncomplicated menus, CTA’s at the end of pages, and only presenting the user with exactly what they need on each page. We organized information tactically and left breathing room on each page. We only showed images and video at the right times, and opted against any side menus, scrolling content, pop-ups, or anything more than 1 or 2 CTA’s/options to keep the user focused. We knew that the people who would be visiting this website would only have 1 top-of-mind question, and that was “is AIM House solving my problem?”. In order to answer this nuanced question, we presented many videos and pictures of AIM House’s authenticity, problem solving authority, and user experience in real-time.

Many exciting challenges cropped up when developing this website. Copyright licensing, video production and hosting, complex graphic design, photography and photo editing, website performance, admin on-boarding, blog templates, importing tons of content from AIM’s old site, migrating mailing lists, setting up newsletter subscriptions, rerouting archaic DNS hosts, finicky mobile responsiveness, and considering how to position AIM House for future SEO efforts were all par for the course on this project. 

We’re happy to have met the new-website milestone with AIM House, and we think they’re going to be extremely successful with digital marketing as we continue to orchestrate their strategy.