Today we launched the company website for Forensic Defense Strategies. FDS offers criminal defense attorneys critical assistance in understanding and challenging the forensic evidence in their cases. They specialize in reviewing DNA evidence and preparing attorneys to handle this evidence in the court of law.

FDS’s original website was over 15 years old, and while it had an antiquish charm, it was certainly time for an upgrade. I don’t say antiquish sarcastically, because older web 1.0 websites actually feel historically significant to the web developer, but it was time for an upgrade, and upgrade we did.

FDS’s new site is now fully mobile responsive and packed with focused imagery alongside high quality copywriting. They had a backlog of stunning testimonials that we unleashed properly with the new site. A common theme I notice when going from old to new is that organizations tend to have rounds in the chamber when it comes to social proof and reviews, but no place to deploy that marketing firepower. A good website will put all of that display and address customer objections as they explore the site and services offered. We also redesigned their logo to accommodate for social media and new responsive form factors.

Something interesting we did with this site was put FDS’s team pictures on the homepage as a part of the funnel. I like to take a B2P (business to people) approach when designing for marketing, and meeting the team quickly and giving more personal depth as needed is an important part of building authentic rapport with the customer. Along these lines, we think that FDS is a great candidate for video production. Similar to, they have a great story to tell to their customers and website visitors. As we launch their new website, we hope to work with them in the future to facilitate some video based marketing efforts.