Today I launched My goal with this site is to productize complete digital strategy and catalog my company’s SEO efforts. We already have proposals going out to receptive clients, as well as internal lead-gen ideas that I’d like to capitalize on.

I’m pretty satisfied with this 1.0 version of our site. But of course, I see areas for improvement. I rebuilt the landing page 3 times because I couldn’t get the responsiveness nailed down on my dad’s zoomed-in Windows Surface Pro. Developing for responsiveness is easily one of the most difficult things about modern web development. We need an ISO standard for aspect ratios and browser zoom levels. Sometimes I think we’d be much better off going back to horizontal scrolling websites that are all blown out on mobile.

With this website, I showcase a lot of my own personal preferences in clean, custom web design. I hit all the design chops mentioned in our article Developing Pixel-perfect Websites. All the graphics were custom made, colors carefully picked, font’s popped, rows separated, whitespace present and accounted for, and everything else… Check out the portfolio page to see my favorite feature of the site, scrolling portfolio cards with iframe embedded portfolio sites. 

More features, reports, and updates are coming. Join us. And learn more about Ladner Studios here