Today we launched, the company website for Skål Celebrations, LLC. Skål is an event planning company local to Boulder, Colorado. They plan corporate events and social celebrations for the surrounding area.

Skål’s been operating for a long time without any significant web presence. Just goes to show how valuable word of mouth is. They’re currently developing their own content and SEO strategy while we provide some digital development consulting and maintain their freshly minted website.

Skål had a large existing portfolio and many, many pictures to showcase on their new site. For a local business like Skål, we recommend that they focus on getting testimonials (video and written), local backlinks (Google My Business and local organization juice), get laser focused with their market and services, create content to rank organically on search engines, get some video to display, and engage in local networking and sales efforts (real life backlinks). 

All of these lead driving efforts do not happen overnight. Small, committed businesses need to focus on taking one step at a time, developing their processes, and maintaining themselves until they have thicker margins and can expand and experiment. Skål Celebrations made the best first step into modern local marketing you can make by prioritizing an organized, optimized website.

We wish them the best of luck!